Five Effective Ways to Find a Roommate

According to this study, New Yorkers spend nearly 60 percent of their income on rent. That’s why so many people want to find a roommate to share the cost, but finding rooms for rent and the perfect roommate can be daunting. Here’s what to do. Apartment and Roommate Finder Needed In this scenario, you should first find a roommate you get along with and then together find rooms for rent in NYC. Pros:

  • You get more control over your living situation
  • Your move-in date can be flexible
  • You can choose exactly what you want

You Need to Find Rooms for Rent in an Already Leased Apartment This is a common New York scenario: apartments tend to have a rotating cast of roommates so it’s a great way to ease the financial burden of moving to and living in the city. Usually you will only have to pay your share of the first month’s rent and then take on the security deposit from the person who’s moving out. That means there’s no broker’s fee. Pros:

  • You won’t be tied to a lease
  • Less cash to outlay upfront
  • These rooms for rent are usually already furnished and fully equipped

Finding a Roommate: The Nitty Gritty Many people rely on word of mouth, Facebook and mass email when searching for roommates. If you have a reliable network of people who can connect you to “roommates wanted” then this is a viable option. A roommate finder site like gives you a far greater pool of people to choose from and you’re bound to receive more responses than from a personal network. To narrow down your search, be specific with your posting and details and clearly state:

  • Your gender and age
  • Your current living situation
  • Your employment status
  • Any personal preferences you have for roommates, such as pets, smoking, lifestyle or hours kept
  • Budget
  • Location of rooms for rent

need a room tell us if you have a room Assessing Roommates Wanted Besides following your gut instinct, here are some things to consider when assessing a potential roommate:

  • The description and photos of the rooms to rent. Does it look like somewhere you want to live? Was the description written by someone who sounds like they care about where and with whom they live?
  • Create a boilerplate response that you can tailor to the listings as you answer them. Add a few sentences about yourself and why you want to find a roommate.

Meeting Roommates and Looking at Rooms for Rent

  • Once you’ve made initial contact about the rooms for rent in NYC, you’ll start gaining a sense of whether there is the possibility of compatibility. If you feel there is, it’s time to meet in person.
  • To save time, a lot of people who list a vacant room hold an open house. If you find yourself in that situation, just pretend it’s a housewarming party and feel free to show yourself around the apartment and network.
  • Market yourself. No matter what circumstances you’re meeting a potential roommate in, you want to make a great impression. It’s not a job interview, but it’s about sizing one another up and seeing if you could live together.
  • If you’re meeting at the apartment, be specific. Mention details you like or that indicate common interests. Noticing little details and honing in on them can open up the way for great conversations or lead to a dead end. Either way, they will reveal whether or not you could move in or need to carry on with the roommate finder quest.
  • Don’t be taken aback if you’re asked about your financial stability. You probably won’t be intensely scrutinized but potential roommates want to know your employment history and sources of income. Chances are you won’t need formal documentation or reference letters, but do be prepared for a casual conversation on the topic.
  • Know when it’s time to go. While the point is to determine if the rooms for rent feel like home, or the potential roommate is someone you feel at ease with, you need to be realistic. There’s nothing more awkward than over staying your welcome. A simple exit strategy is to make a set plan for yourself about an hour or so after your meeting. For example, set a date with a friend at a nearby coffee place. That way, if the meeting was good, the goodbye will be enthusiastic and you could always invite your potential roommate to come along for coffee. If it was a miserable meeting, goodbye will be quick and easy and a case of, “I’ll get in touch with my thoughts on the apartment, but for now I need to run.”

When it comes to how to find a roommate, you need to be thorough and trust your instincts. A roommate finder site like can help you weed out mismatches and hook you up with the perfect potentials. Sign up today.  

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